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Riot Please fix this already

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Senior Member


Client is disconnecting from PvP.net every minute or so, I can't pick champs in a ranked queue, and when I click on them, it says "retrieving data from server" and never picks the champ, says I lost connection, closes my browser, and I get a ranked queue time penalty.

Are you serious? This has been happening for a while. I posted a thread a while ago, and nobody answered me.

This is becoming increasingly frustrating to deal with. Please, respond or fix something. I'm trying to ask as nicely and calmly as possible, but this is outrageous.

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Senior Wrenchman


Roldan, do you ever get this message?


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Junior Member


The first time i was banned i disconnected and couldn't reconnect to a game, I guess they thought I was trying to leave it because I was banned from the game for about 24 hours. I was just banned again at least I'm guessing so because I can't open the application and that happened last time. My server disconnected so I restarted my modem and now I can't get back on. I really don't want to be banned when I didn't do anything wrong.