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highest possible arpen/armor reduction?

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put on GD.

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It depends on how you define armor penetration and what other situations are being taken into account. Several champions have access to armor reduction capabilities, so it's possible to substantially hurt armor values with abilities alone, especially with a 5-man team. (if you're talking about the highest negative values you're going to 5-man debuff a junlge monster)

Only Olaf and Darius have the selfish armor penetration (that I'm aware of), being at 30 and 25%, respectively.

The highest flat and percentage armor debuffs are from Heimerdinger and Nidalee, offering up to 50 and 40%, respecitvly. Heimerdinger's requires a target to get hit 50 times from a turret though, which isn't likely. Nausus's Spirit Fire offers 40 armor reduction just from being hit by it, which is the second highest and far more likely.

With items and masteries the highest % penetration achievable is 55% (which is 8% from masteries * 35% from last whisper * 25% from Black Cleaver).
With items, runes and masteries the highest is 64, with 40 from items, 19 from runes, and 5 from masteries. Both together would allow you to reduce opponents with 142 or less armor to 0 armor.

If you want to compare armor penetration to other attributes the easiest way to compare things is to see how they could double your DPS. For armor penetration to double your damage, you need to penetrate 50 armor for every 100 armor the opponent has, +50. So 100 at 100 armor, 150 at 200 armor, 200 at 300 armor, 250 at 400 armor, etc. Which makes 100 armor penetration roughly equal to 55~110 AD, 100%~150% attack speed (your per-level values aren't scaled off of it, only added with it), 100% critical strike chance, or 10,000%~200% critical strike damage (depending on crit chance).

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are you trying to ask whats the lowest you can bring armor down to? or whats the most amount of armor pen/reduction you can have? cuz theres a difference.

armor reduction can be reduced beyond 0, but the reduction must be flat and must exceed the target's current armor (and I believe it armor reduction % still goes last while armor pen goes first in it's respective calculations)

himerdinger's turrets are the only one that can reduce the target's armor by 50 if all 50 shots are hit, otherwise nasus's spirit fire or corki's Gatling gun will do 40 armor reduction.

also dont forget that flat penetration and both percentage can not go beyond 0, thus getting more than they have would become wasted stats. and thus pointless.

with how many people believing that getting armor is now pointless, theres no reason to even bother getting too much penetration anymore.