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More Songs for Champions New and Old? Read this Praeco.

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Phoe Dragon

Senior Member


I love the fact that Riot created a song for Vi. I really love that song and it got me thinking, what if you not only created songs for future champs, but you also made ones for older, favorite champions as well? Maybe not a whole song, maybe just a theme song you could listen to that could get you in the mood for that champ. Either works but I feel like you could have some League albums going on with songs for champions that earn the respect for a song. Or maybe songs that represent themes of lore? Like a Demacian or Void song? That could make my day. Praeco, this is headed for you my man. I love your music and I am hungry for more. Whether it be an actual song or an instrumental, I feel like giving some old champs a theme song would get some popularity especially from us fellow musicians out here playing the game. I know Nicki said she would be up for anything you throw at her. Maybe a few guys out there could showcase their voices? Come on Phreak, you know you want to. Perhaps Morello, Nikasaur, or maybe even the great Praeco can share his voice with the League. I'm just throwing this out there because I think it should really happen.