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optimising my sytem for league

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Hopeful Angel

Senior Member


hello i'm just looking to set everything up to play league at 100% with 60fps and smooth game play possibly better graphics

I'm currently using

windows 7 64bit

my processor is an Intel Celeron E3400 2.60ghrz

i have 8gbs of ram

my motherboard is a gigabyte

i used to run 32bit with 2gbs ram and i got around 46-50fps all game

now that i got 8gbs 64bit i'm averaging 40-45fps

just wondering what parts and areas would i need to upgrade to get smoothest game play (aiming for 60 or 60+)

and possibly able to handle higher in game graphics settings

in short how to get the max league settings (within reason i'm not rich but i want to improve)

or is there anything i can simply change or download to help me? not quite sure what i'm needing so any help is welcome Thanks


TLDR getting max performance out of my pc or wondering what i need to upgrade to get max performance

p.s just realized i spelled the title wrong woops -.-