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Need a little help here guys.

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Okay, so I went to my local GameStop today to pick up a $10 RP card for my smurf account to get my favorite champ, Darius, when I'm banned (currently serving a week ban). They ran out of $10 cards, so I bought a $25. Now this is my predicament: When I looked at how many points there were in the $25 it kept me from putting it in my smurf acc, because now I'm considering to wait until my ban is over (3 days) to just put it on there for skins, future champs, etc. What do you guys think is better? Considering that I rarely get banned (even though it's a seven day it was the first game I left in a while but this isn't the point) I don't think I should put so much RP into an account I don't use much. This wouldn't have been a problem if I had a $10, that's basically one champ. But this is waaaay more. Should I just wait three days and stick with Garen to get my LoL fix, put the $25 on my main acc then pick up a $10 the next time I get banned (which I hope is not for a while), or should I put it on my smurf? Thanks in advance guys.