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what graphics card could fit in my dell that can run league better

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this is a copy and paste because i posted it on another site to help me out so here

Hi, i need help on what graphics card i can get for my computer. im pretty smart with computers but when it comes deep into this stuff ... i just dont know how to determine all the power supply and stuff.
so i have a windows 7 dell optiplex 740... before we start this i just wanna say all i want to play is league of legends i dont like the other high end games ... league of legends is one of the lowest... however i still have to play on the lowest settings possible to play League of legends to get about 20-30fps no lag. i have the small form factor of the dell optiplex 740... you can find every single info about this desktop at this link

so before we even start talking about graphics card... i know this computer is very old and needs alot of work and that i should just buy a new computer but i dont have the money right now and im only going to play league of legends... its all i need. i just want to be able to play at a higher settings with no lag ... so... i mean i just started learning this stuff but i think all my specs are pretty good except my graphics card or am i wrong? heres my specs

Cpu: AMD Athlon 64 X2 4450e 65nm Technology 2.30 Ghz

Ram: 3.00 GB Dual-Channel DDR2 @ 256MHz (4-4-4-12)

Motherboard: Dell Inc. 0YP696 (Socket M2 )

Graphics card: DELL E173FP (1280x1024@60Hz)
64MB GeForce 6150 LE (Dell)

Hard Drives:156GB Seagate ST316081 5AS SCSI Disk Device (ATA)

Optical drives: Optiarc DVD RW AD-7190S SCSI CdRom Device

you can find any other info you need on the link i gave above.(small form factor)

So in order for this computer to run faster i mean noticable... could i just upgrade my graphics card or would i have to do even more... if so just leave a comment on what i would have to do and links to the product

if i need a graphics card can you please give me multiple links on the best ones...

i mean, i know this is an old machine but... i mean its playing league at very low settings and im already happy for what it does but i also record videos of league with fraps and upload them to youtube... and i actully can upload them at high settings HD but litteraly takes like 5 hours to upload a 4 minut video so i just leave it on all night.

So yeah i would really apperchiate it if you just put a quick in deep info and links to what i need i mean i asked this questions at least 12 times already and can never get a good answer so please if you can help me out... btw i think the power supply on this thing is 400 Wat or somthing but im not sure check the link... so thanks please help me out