Pick vs Call

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Counter picks don't mean as much as you think they do.
Counter picks mean more than you think they do. The best thing you can do against a champ that straight up counters you is farm as much as possible, but if your counter knows what hes doing, he will zone you all day and not let you get nearly as much farm as you would like. There are very, VERY few games I see jax players lose to a fiora, or a teemo lose to a garen, or a darius lose to a wukong ect ect...

You can call for ganks all day but there are very few junglers who will help you anytime you need it and there is almost always another lane having trouble that the jungler will need to assist as well.

Until you get to extremely high elo (1600+) will people know how to deal with their counters.

Counters mean more than you think they do.