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I want to talk to the 10 yorick player in NA Please :D

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Hello ! I played yorick for a long time ... but for season 3 ... I have NO idea how to build him.
Dyrus took trinity , all my friend want me to be more tanky, so I took iceborn gauntlet. Some game I play with black cleaver and other people says to go with warmog and empaller.
When I'm fed I love to take after my HP and core item a BT but some player says just to stick to your normal build with yorick. Some players says spirit visage is better than blood...
I'm really confused ... what the heck am I supposed to take to put me in early and late game ?

Thanks in advance ^^

http://qkme.me/3skfuc (I needed to make that joke)

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I think the issue here is that, since Yorick is basically a walking ultimate in the late game, most people never really thought about how they should build him with all the new items.

You probably still want a Manamune, to facilitate skill spam. When it turns into a Muramana you get some nice bonus damage too. After that I guess it really depends on how the game is going. You want to be somewhat tanky since you simply won't get much done by stacking on the damage. If the game's going well you could get a trinity force for more damage, but you shouldn't need much more raw damage than that. Atma's is less strong these days but you could get that instead, if you're going to pad your health with the right items.

Remember that your ult is what makes you a threat. You just want to be able to survive while using it. And then kill everything with the copy of your AD carry.