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Energy flows where your attention goes

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Spend as much time as possible on LOL, and magick will happen. the magick will be that you start winning. and are making things happen the way you want them to. Inside of LOL, because that is where your attention was for all those years.

What if all the people tried this? Well only the stronger mages succeed. the ones who worked harder in attaining their magick. Fear not. For the ying and the yang need to be in equilibrium. Like the sun and moon, male and female, light and dark. You need equilibrium for magic to exist. There has to be winners and losers for the magick to exist.

What do I need to do to enhance my magical powers pertaining to LOL? Just start a black ritual of playing every day. Tour magical powers would get stronger, but becoming the best might not happen. Chances are high many other people were on the exact same quest to be the best, and one person can be it. magick can't conflict itself, if 2 people wanted to be the best, magick won't allow that. Rules are still set in place for magick to exist.

"Magick exists?" you ask. Why yes I see it every day, and so do you. You just see it so often that you take it for granted, and I am broadening your mindset.