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When lossing lane, what to do?

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Just asking... trying to gather more information for our team to become better...

When behinde in lane, what should one do to get back into it? Top, Mid, and Bot:
For example, the person can't CS, what should they do?
They're behinde 0/2-3, what should they do?
They're getting destoyed under tower, what should they do?

Any other tips and pro hints would be also welcome!

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1.-Bot is most likely to try to farm as best as they can and ask for ganks, but most likely will recover while teamfights occur and the lane phase is over, unless they got completely destroyed.
Mid should try to push hard and roam, you can win lane, try to snowball another, same goes for top.

2.-You want either Jungle Control, having your jungler gankig and camping for a bit so they put pressure on that lane and securing a bit of CS to its holder.

3.-Start playing passively, most people say they are, but aren't , so you have that, start playing defensive, freeze lane and all that.

4.-Either let them take tower and ward around for a roaming lane or go roaming yourself.
If the tower goes down early the creepwave going to you will be actually bigger as closer as it gets to your next tower, meaning that you will have a lot of free farm for you.

im not Pro, but this is what works for me at least in my elo range, good luck.