Losing lp in a 2v4

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Midnight struck and I decide to start off my birthday with a game of league. I decide to dive into ranked because I'm feel pretty lucky of course! The Team looks promising and the chat is friendly. I decide to search the web as the game slowly loads. The game starts and not really knowing much the Lee Sin asks me if I'm the only one. Apparently the other 3 didn't load whatsoever. We proceed to lane hoping they will come back and sadly they never do. We accept our defeat because it was a 2 v 4 after all and they had the advantage. We messed around and waited for it to end. Post-game chat comes and we notice that we have lost lp because of this game and one of our other teammates speaks in the post-game chat saying they (s)he couldn't connect at all!

It is extremely unfair for a helpless team to lose lp for something they could not control. I know stuff like this has been brought up a lot, but it needs to be addressed. The moments where you are one game away from promos or that one game that will determine your promotion or demotion and it is all lost due to technical issues really kills the mood. I hope Riot will take a look at this and find a way to address these kinds of issues later on.

TL;DR: Ranked 2v4 and lost LP at the beginning of my birthday :P