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[TEACH] me about jungler's role

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About me: I only play non-ranked normal Q. I have about 20 more losses than wins. 750 ish wins/770 losses. I'm trying to expand my horizons and taking up the jungle and would appreciate feedback.

I've done research and reading of many guides about the reponsibilities of the jungler but after playing I've realized that it changes based on ELO (or hidden ELO for normal Q).

Here's an axiom that I've tried to come up with for the jungler's role at my skill level:

- To do whatever is necessary to make all your team's lanes win.

How to accomplish that varies greatly based on the level of play.

For me and my skill level, here's set of rules that I'm developing to remind/help me do a better job at jungle.

- It's not your job to carry as jungler. Don't put your level/items above that of keeping your lanes winning.

- If one lane is losing/getting zoned, drop what you are doing, go to that lane, and do whatever is necessary to fix the situation.

- If any of your lanes are not warding, then you go ward.

- Sometimes it's only necessary to show your face every now and then to keep the enemy laner honest. (Works pretty well in mid/top lanes)

- View the player stat (summary) page often. Note the following:
- Kills/deaths of your laners vs their opponents
- CS score of your laners vs their opponents
- Equipment of your laners and their opponents

tl;dr - At my skill level, it's very possible that my laners will not fufill their basic responsibilities (warding, CS'ing, not giving up easy kills) so I believe that the role of the jungler changes due to this. So I tried to come up with ways to help offset these issues.

I welcome any help/comments.

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If you're too far away to help, taking dragon or a tower might be better than running across the map.

Additionally, make sure you do get some gold, because you don't wan't to gimp yourself lategame and make it a 4v5.

I find Not taking golems, unless farming to 6 a good policy. Wraiths and Wolves are closer to mid. Therefore you will only be one lane away from any fight.

Cover for your laners. It's much better gold + exp and you also remind everyone that you exist. Careful of covering top, because the other team might try and dragon.