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Co-op VS AI

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Nick Halden 23

Junior Member


so ummm
i play using the mac client
i get everything, but when i click on play button and then click on custom game join game and so on i am able to play.
But what is co-op vs AI, after clicking on Co-op vs AI button in the play menu, i can see the game mode table, but i dont get the join game button :S i men how do u play Co-op vs AI

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Senior Member


Co-op VS AI is a gamemode where you go against computer controlled bots. It is easier than PvP (player vs player) so you can use it to learn the basic mechanics of the game. I would recommend playing more PvP when you get to levels 10 or 12 since bots are too predictable and easy. Meanwhile, players are not as predictable so you can learn things such as learning to avoid random ganks from a jungler, ward placement, etc.

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1. Select the game mode you want (Dominion or Classic)
2. Select your game map (Summoner's Rift/Twisted Treeline/Crystal Scar)
3. Select your game type (Beginner/Intermediate)
4. Select Solo or Party