Voice Chat [Suggestion]

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Hello! I am sort of new to League of Legends and in my opinion the game is fantastic, playable, enjoyable and most of all entertaining. I will make this suggestion as short as possible so i'll cut to the chase.
While playing with different team mates in PVP or against AI i have noticed that many have difficulty in typing or giving their message to the team. Many do not even take the effort to write something.

What i suggest is a voice chat. This can benefit summoners in innumerable ways such as:
1. More collaboration
2. More time to act, and less to write
3. Be more sociable
4. Make strategies
5. Decide faster who will go bottom, top and middle, without to much thought
6. Consumes less bandwidth than Skype or other programs (players usually use them while in-game to discuss with each other)

Of course, there are also the counter-effects of such a chat, like:
1. Use of inappropriate language
2. Harassment
3. Advertisement
4. Anti-Social behavior

But, a solution to these problems might be a single button. Mute. There is no need to explain. The word 'mute' speaks for itself.

I am new to LoL and i do not know whether this option already exists or has been introduced, or is under development. I thought of it and tried to suggest it. A little suggestion has never killed anyone (or has it?). I posted this topic in the In-Game HUD sections because it seamed more reasonable than the other sections. Thanks for reading!

And here is a smiley to make the topic a little beautiful

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people would be cussing 24/7 plus it would take up bandwidth for some player. alltogather it is a good idea.