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sona's rune page

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So, i main sona while playing pvp, and want to make sure im using the best runes i can.

Im currently using :
Mark- mana regen
Glyph- flat armor
Seal- scaling MR
Quint- gp/10

I was wondering if there is a better mark to use, as mana regen is a secondary rune?

I use the mana regen because im generally mana starved early game (i play her agressively to keep enemies zoned). Is there a better strategy for my marks that will be more efficent or give me a better advantage then the small mana regen bonus?


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A lot of people use armor marks for support, and attack damage marks aren't actually that rare on supports with ranged autoattacks you'll harass on. I personally go with armor, since I prefer being as tanky as possible on supports. You may enjoy the attack damage route if you play very aggressively, though I don't think your idea of running mana regen is all that bad either. You can largely compensate for mana issues with crystalline flask and/or an early philo stone, though.

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I have two rune pages I use for her but the only difference is whether I use Scaling Mana Regen Glyphs or Flat Magic Resist Glyphs. Sona can harass almost anyone into a zone or out of lane if you have the right runes and masteries set up, and her weakness comes from mostly from ganks and dangerous threat/kill lanes.

You can take both take advantage of her strengths and compensate for her weakness with the following:

Marks: Armor
Seals: Armor
Quints: Gold
Glyphs: Scaling Mana or MR if you're in a lane vs Support Lux, Leona, etc and are worried about magic burst damage.

Get the defensive masteries you need all the way down to Block then the rest in utility.

There are other good ways (maybe better depending on the exact situation) to play my best girl but the key with Sona is to win the trades and survive the all ins and this will allow both, so it's how I like to do it. Since your sustain is 50/50 between you and your lane partner, it's mathematically advantageous for you both to share the harassment equally, so you need to be slightly tanky to do it.