Lv 20, and I'm a ganking disaster

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Originally Posted by TrueSkillz View Post
that is not always true. If you are able to push someone out of lane back to base that is a successful gank. since your lane can now free farm. if you do this help the lane push minions into tower since they will lose that gold/xp. It even worth it to make them use their summoner skills. Which means that you have several minutes to gank again and they dont have any escape now.
I am not sure what you are referring to. I never said pushing someone out of lane is still a failed gank. If you are referring to my first paragraph, than you misinterpreted it. I was mentioning the fact that many junglers don't wait until they have a clear opportunity to do some damage to the enemy laner, and simply charge right in when their target could easily run away with taking very little, if any, damage.

This is a failed gank because all you did was cause them to run back for a few seconds, and this forces you to either babysit top lane in order to make sure that the enemy laner doesn't go back to what he was doing (allowing the enemy jungler to gank mid and bot lanes without fear of a counter gank), or go back to jungling/roaming, thus ruining the whole point of you making your presence known in first place.