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Join A Mature (17+) Gaming Community For PC!

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Hi, My Name is AzraelGaming, or DoG Azrael. I am A Member of "Disciples of Gaming", an Active, Large Scale, Fun over Competition, Gaming Community That Originated on Xbox. We Recently Decided to Create a PC Branch and Are Looking to Increase Our PC Branch Size to Our Xbox Branch Sizes (2,000ish) You Can Learn All About Us @ http://www.disciplesofgaming.com -or- send me a Message on League of Legends, My Summoner name is "AzraelGaming" Thanks Everyone and Have Fun!

17+ In Age (We're Founded By/For Mature Gamers Looking to Have a Fun, Troll Free Experience )
Must Have Mic For Teamspeak!
Must Have Steam Account For Roster Purposes!
Must Be ACTIVE with Community (Playing with Us at Least Once Every Few Days)