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Read up all of you stupid ****s

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(I'm confident in my ability to play and I don't think counters are all that huge, so I don't mind being countered. But that's another discussion.)

And honestly, if you're first pick, and there's one champion that counters you super hard and you can deal with the rest, you also have the luxury of using one of your bans on that champion.

Any role can still be counterpicked unless you're the last-pick between BOTH teams. The pick order goes like this:

Team A1
Team B1
Team B2
Team A2
Team A3
Team B3
Team B4
Team A4
Team A5
Team B5

So... even if you're team A's fifth pick, you can still be counter picked in your role because team B's fifth pick picks after you.

And yes, counter picks don't mean nearly as much as people give them credit for meaning.

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1. any champ can counter any champ because the way the champ is played depends on the summoner, their runes, their items, and their general play style.

2. Pick order is not above call, and call is not above pick order. There are no official rules on who gets to pick what. And before someone mentions that it's in the summoner's code, read it again. The summoners code only says to try to fill a role that the team hasn't picked. it never goes into detail about any "official" roles. What this means is that while you may already have a jungler, someone can simply pick the second jungler role. This is legitimate because although YOU may not think a second jungler role exists, it does exist because they created it. Until riot releases official roles and consequences for violating them, there is nothing illegitimate about someone going duo top or support Fiora.

(As a side note, the chances of Riot doing this i say are very slim if any, because this is a free to play game that needs to appeal to a mass market, and honestly it would be a stupid move anyway to stifle experimentation. The current meta was not always the "standard&quot