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Question about items and building

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Rooster DWSF

Senior Member


Fate- thank you so much for all of that! very helpful. and i will be sure to add you. I'm still trying to get the mechanics down...this is the first PC game i've played, otherwise i'm a 360 gamer. I was just shocked at the amount of detail that goes into this game. It's a lot to take in!! I really appreciate your advice on last hitting and ways to level. Thank you!!

Rooster- For some reason i'm like a gank magnet. Haha I'm glad there's a term for that. I never knew what gank meant. But it happens to me CONSTANTLY!! I know it's my fault for getting caught in these situations but the reason I usually die is because there's two (or more...) on my tail. I'm pretty good at avoiding death when it comes to just one bot. If i'm low on health I'll just attack every once and awhile during my retreat to get them to back off. I do use that technique a lot, running in attacking and running out. It works really well but now I just have to figure out how to last hit while using it

Yeah that's another thing you have to do also. Pay attention to your health. I sometimes am still guilty of trying to stick and move with low health I end up getting owned. For bot play I sometimes would make that same mistake, I would get too into the battle and would lose focus on my health so I would end up dying because of it. I am usually just playing normal matches now. My co op vs ai games were decent I didn't die more than 5 times per match. But the main thing is learning from your mistakes and moving forward so that next time you won't make the same mistake twice. Anyway if you ever want to add me feel free to. I'm not in the game right now but I think it still sends me a request when I log back in.