Pickpocket not working with Ashe

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When ever I attack an enemy champion with Ashe, she get's 3 gold from her first basic attack like she's supposed to. But if she continues attacking, she gets nothing from any subsequent attacks. She litterally has to stop attacking for about 1 - 2 seconds to gain gold from another attack. Even though it's been 5 seconds. Why does she have to completely stop attacking an enemy champion to gain a second 3 gold. I counted 11 consecutive basic attacks where she only gained gold from the first of the 11. At the time my attack rate was .783 attacks per second, 11 attacks equal 7.613 seconds. Should have gotten atleast 6 gold. So either the mastery is bugged or something. Please fix this, or at the least explain to me what I am doing wrong.

As the mastery explains it:
"Grants 5 gold for melee champions and 3 gold for ranged champions for each basic attack against a champion on hit (5 second cooldown)"

So as far as I know, I am doing it correctly.