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Asylum Lux!

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Asylum Lux

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In November of 2011, Asylum Shaco was released.
Asylum Shaco is a great skin and everything, but, to be completely honest, Shaco isn't even really that crazy. He kills people from time to time, and it's a big deal or something. It's League of Legends - everyone here kills people. I'm not even going to get in to the fact that Asylum Shaco is wearing a straight jacket, but his arms are free, so he's clearly not even that much of a threat to society in the first place - even though he is already holding two knives. Whatever, long story short, Shaco isn't really that crazy.
You know who is crazy?
Lux is crazy.

Base Model

Lux is wearing baggy white pants and a white straight jacket with her arms restrained in front of her. Her head is tilted forward and her hair is messy. Red eyes are visible through her hair. Her staff is tucked under her arms with the top sticking out from under her right shoulder.
When she walks, Lux leads with her right foot, leaning back, then throws her upper body forward as she bring her left foot up to her right one.
While idling, Lux struggles with the straight jacket and flails wildly, rocks back and forth while twitching, or stares up into the sky.
When killed, Lux takes two steps forward, and then she falls forward and spasms slightly.
Lux autoattacks by twisting her body to the left while bumping the top of her staff up with her right knee.


Lux's Illumination particle effect is unchanged due to burden of knowledge complications.
When Lux casts Light Binding, she throws her upper body down and to the left and shoots large white foam tubes, coiling around her targets.
Upon casting Prismatic Barrier, Lux jerks her right elbow up and throw her staff up into the air, then flings her head forward and hits the staff. The shield is a dingy gray with flecks of black, orange, and purple.
When Lux casts Lucent Singularity, she twists to the right, jamming the top of her staff into the ground and creating a padded rubber floor at the target area.
Upon casting Finales Funkeln, Lux jumps up into the air, hovers for a moment, then smashes into the ground, summoning nightmarish black ghouls to spring from the ground. The cry of "Demacia" is replaced with a low, guttural growl.


Where are we going?
I'm... I'm not crazy...
Do you hear the voices too?
Let's go.
I don't like it here.
What was that?

I see only darkness.
Are you still there?
Can I go home?
Such beauty in death.
They will stop breathing.

Double homicide? What does it mean?
Serial killer? I'm just an ordinary killer.

The light has faded.
I will make you go away forever.

Slightly relevant picture brought to you by Questionable Content:

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I like those lines, and the concept of insanity overall, but with the outfit and animations you described, it wouldn't be something I would buy.

Good luck on your endeavour though.

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Slid Silver

Junior Member


I think the Crazy Lux idea would be great, but don't change her animations. She doesn't need her hands free to use LAZOR DEATH CANNON (the actual name of Finales Funkeln). She can just lurch forward and go "KAAAAMEEEEHAAAMEEEEEDEMACIAAAAAAAAAA!"

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I want to bump for greater justice of having a crazy lux skin

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i swear i was thinking the same thing it would be bad-ass if riot did this RIOT PLS