Maximum Minimap Size

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Goddess Din

Senior Member


Would it be possible for the minimap's maximum size to be larger than it is now?

I've been finding that the maximum minimap size is too small for my liking. Playing support I use it a ton (my eyes are on that a good 50% of the game) and with my monitor at 1080p I find it's so far away from the center of my screen and so small that when I'm looking at it it's hard to keep track of what's going on around my character.

I know I can play the game at a lower resolution (and yes it does fix the problem by effectively making the minimap seem larger) but that's just a bandage and not a real solution.

All I'd like is to see the minimap slider bar adjusted a bit, I find right now you can set it between "unusable" to "medium" sizes - any chance that can be changed to "unusable" to "large" sizes? This change would not affect anybody at all in a negative way, the only thing it would do is allow people who want a larger (I'm only talking by 25% or so) minimap be able to have one.

If there are any technical reasons behind why this can't happen or why it would be hard to implement please let me know. As far as I can see I don't know why it shouldn't be an available option. Thanks! <3

Does anyone else think it'd be nice for the max size to be a bit larger than it is?