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I started out PvP way too late. Help!

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First, if you really don't like the score you have right now and having hard time to improve it. You can create another account and start all over again. This time, save all your IPs for runes. There are two free champions you can get, Alistar and Tristana.

Second, your two rune pages are ok, but I suggest you change ap mark to flat ap or ap pen. This would work much better.

Third, if you really want to buy champions, buy 3~4 cheap champions and keep playing them until you are good with them. Cheap as under 1350IP.

Fourth, masteries are free. So, make as many as you think necessary.

Take me for example, I screwed up my first account by buying too many champions without enough rune pages to back them up. About at end of S1, I start a new account (this one) and follow the suggestions, saving IPs for runes and buy cheap champions. I only bought 4 champions at that time, Ash (450IP), Fid (1350IP), Cho(1350IP), Tryn(1350IP, another mistake T_T. he is just not my play style).

So, for the most of the S2, I only play these three champions. I sometime try out other champions when they are free. After I finished my rune pages, I start bought champions I like. Rune pages are AD range, AD melee, AP range, and AP melee.

Right now, I have about 10 champions, only three that are above 3150, Mao(one of my active champions right now), Rengar (same mistake like Tryn, I'm still working on him), and Akal (I don't play her, I just like the skin that was on sale)

Comparing the old (aka cheap) champions to the new (aka expensive) champions, they might seem underpowered and can be out played easily. They are not bad. They are just outdated and they are played though out countless games. Their strength and weakness are well known. They are still good if you know how to play them.

Hope my experience can help you out.

Right now I believe I have 71 champions on my account, all of the ones below 1350 and most of the 1350s (And well I guess most of everything after all). I did make that new account and I'll give that a shot, I think mostly with Trynn and whoever is free like LeBlanc and save for the runes. The ones I have are tier 2 right now on my 30 account, but that was fine with me for now. I'll have to change those up because I did not really do it right, wasn't sure where to fit in the AP if the magic resist was there.

I think I'll level my way back up to 30 with the new account and revert back to my old one once I'm there after I've gotten all that experience. The runes I'll have to catch up on but that really shouldn't take too long to do. Hell I could easily just do that in bot games.

Definitely will be a help so thank you!

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Shallow Cubes

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Wafflez, did you add me from a different account? Got an invite from a user with a different name, starting with a K (I believe). If that was you, I'll snag you for a game tonight, if you're around. My friends and I usually play around the late evening time PST. Also, add a guy named "partyfriend" and tell him the Cubes sent you and that you are working on your game while working with some supportive teammates.

I am around rather inconsistently, but I am around.

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you could add a low level and just play with him if you want to keep playing on your main...or make a smurf (buy some different champs you want to test) play on it for a while then go back to ur main