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Current stance on champion art?

Riot needs to grow up. 2 33.33%
I'm disgusted with the champion art. 2 33.33%
I think the champions need more clothes. 1 16.67%
I like it. 4 66.67%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters 6 .

The Art of League of Legends.

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Armor For Sleep

Junior Member


League of legends is a great game. It's also very addicting. I believe that Riot's art for their champion's need to change.

Personally, I am at my own limit, constantly viewing disturbing practically nude champions. Any female working at Riot can't be proud. League of Legends can not continue to bash on women. (as if they were captured nearly nude) WHAT IS THIS?

League of legends needs to realize their mistake and grow up.
I would like to see some change in their art along with more clothing on the women champs.

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oh boy here we go again

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Senior Member


Only problem I have with league artwork. . .
Is that it looks fugly compared to the chinese really.
Where their tristana is adorable ours is disturbing lmfao.