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Possible Top Lane Diana Builds?

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Visceral Sith

Junior Member


So I was thinking the other day that top lane Diana might be fun to try, but I'm not sure what items to build for it, or in what order. I was thinking that a lot of them would be the same as for AP solo mid, but I was trying to think of some tanky AP items that would give a little bit more survivability. I've seen some builds around but I dont like most of them, either because theyre just solo mid builds or beecause they build stuff like Gunblade, and I dont think thats very good. What I've come up with so far that might be good is Rylai's, Zhonya's, Lich Bane, Abyssal, RoA, and in particular Iceborn Gauntlets. There are obvious damage items like Dcap and Void Staff, but I dont know when/how many tanky or damage items I should build. I was thinking maybe something like Catalyst->RoA->Rylai's->Iceborn Gauntlets might be good, any thoughts?

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Johnny Kaz

Junior Member


Don't get the Iceborn, you will need the lich bane as when you build bruiser diana you take a lot of damage out of her, and she's an assassin, with only one disruptive spell that has a very long cool down. This reduces her effectiveness compared to other tank/bruisers and she's not super great at peeling since you will ususally only get one moon fall off during a single fight.

However being tanky and hard to focus down can be done. ROA is for sure the best item for this, and then depending on your match up you need either the abysal or the hour glass next. right after that it's a lich bane, then a war-mogs finish up with your hat so that you can remain viable for late game damages (choose your boots accordingly too, pen boots if you are dominating, defense boots if your getting zoned Tabi's or Treds), but you'll be able to assisnate the carry and deal enough damage to not be totally useless while trying to clean up. Warmogs with the shield makes her very difficult to take down.

The only issue with a bruiser version is you may not build a void staff. Diana's ratios are what make her strong, not her base damages. So having lots of ap is a requirement. And a void staff is sometimes the only way to keep her strong late game. If you play against a team that builds health, then you need LOOTS of ap to cut through it all.

You can play Diana top against a lot of options. What you should rather concern yourself with is more so what the match ups are like rather than what build you will make mandatory. For the most part you will need to still get 2 doran's to maintain your mana, or you can choose ROA. (I pref ROA) but I focus on a glass cannon type of build and buy a warmogs as the defense item rather than the GA now. I don't feel the GA is as stronk as it use to be since the buff to pen items and the nerf to it's resistances. And waking up in the middle of an angry enemy team with your ult and flash down is a waste of a GA becuase your NOT getting away.

So build like a mid style build with a roa for sustain and add warmogs, play safe and farm top lane, grab golems or wolves when you can, and have make sure you follow up with as much damage as possible from your jungler ganks. WARD WARD WARD. If you get ganked you will die.