Sweet Tooth Karthus

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My second skin idea, and probably my favorite.

Lay waste appears in the shape of a gumdrop, and appears in assorted colours.
Wall of Pain's end pillars are the unicorn-horn shaped lollipops, and the middle part is something like a fruit-rollup or cotton candy.
Defile causes Karthus to be surrounded by small candies, such as skittles/m&ms.
Requiem could be something like a giant redvine or liqorice whip.

Karthus himself:
Karthus' clothes would be white with bright colours on the stripes.
His staff would be replaced with (your guessed it) a giant lollipop (preferably the colourful round swirly one.)
His book would be replaced with either a gummy bear, or something like a hershy's bar.
His face would just look normal, but with a smile. c:

I (currently) don't have an idea for his splash art, but all I can think of is him handing candy to other champions like tristana or something (with a much more noticeable smile on his face)

I'm not sure if you would, but he could become a legendary if his voice or animations are greatly changed, thus making this an even better skin. "liquorice is now in stock" (casting ulti)

Karthus deserves a new skin, so here's an idea for one. I just hope it's put into consideration.

After some searching, some people had this idea before...