Jareth, The marvelous Rogue

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Nobody knows where he came from, but when Jareth began running through the streets of Piltover, he was just a kid who stole what he needed to survive and slept under the stars on the highest towers of the city. With the magical knife that was said he robbed from a wealthy merchant of Shurima, Jareth could move at full speed and steal without anyone even knowing he were there.

Over time, Jareth became a legend among thieves and the normal people of Piltover, and became known as the MarvelousRogue, even the legendary sheriff of Piltover, Caitlyn, could not catch him, and he was always reminding her that. As an example of this, Jareth decided to rob the house of the parents of the sheriff to show who was superior. One night Jareth entered the childhood home of the sheriff, but as he thought about where to start he heard the screams of the lady of the mansion. He hurried to the master be room, where he found a thief, much wilder than him, threatening her with a knife. Using his special knives it was not difficult for him to beat him, but as he prepared to escape the Sheriff appeared, pointing his gun. A smile crossed his lips, and she looked with contempt while he moved away , and with a sigh she said "Just this once". He was grinning from ear to ear before disappearing.

Attire: Jareth is a young man, fit body, his hair is of intense dark blue, violet eyes and white and black clothes. With golden decorations.


Jareth is an energy based melee Ap Burst Caster, who can use his abilities to get in and out of battle quickly, and deal damage while moving. If you’re the kind of player that enjoys flying in and out of battle you will enjoy playing Jareth.


Passive: Fleet of foot

When Jareth is being chased by enemies, he gains 25 movespeed and can move through units.

With this ability, you can harass your opponent easily, and run back behind your minions, he also becomes really hard to catch in a 1v1 situation.

Q:Energy Knives

Jareth throws one of his Knives, dealing damage where it lands and staying on the ground for 8 seconds. If you walk over a knife, Jareth will pick it up, refreshing the cooldown of this spell. Each consecutive knife costs 25 more energy.

Damage: 70/100/130/160/190 (.5 ap ratio) magic damage
Energy Cost: 45
Duration of debuff: 4 seconds
Cooldown: 2 seconds at all levels.

This is your main harass tool, it deals good damage and if you can land them you will be wearing down your opponent real fast. However, you can’t spam them too much without going melee with your teleport, so you get energy back.

W: The special One

Jareth next attack will deal bonus magic damage over time and slow the target.
Damage: 50/75/100/125/150 magic damage + 5/10/15/20/25 % of target missing health over 4 seconds

Slow: 5/15/25/35/45%
Slow duration: 2 seconds
Energy cost: 80
CD: 8/7/6/5/4

This skill forces you to make a choice, if you use it early you won’t get it full damage, because it scales off of enemies missing health, however its also a strong alow, that can help you chain your abbilities on them, or enabling a kill on your team, so you always gotta choose, do I use it early for the slow? Should I save it so I can finish them off? It also synergizes well with lich bane if you build it.

E: Light speed Dash

Jareth teleports to one of his knives, dealing damage on arrival, refreshing the cooldown on his Q, and refreshing30 energy for each enemy hit. The cool down of this spell refreshes on kills and assists.

Damage: 70/100/130/160/190 magic damage (.75 ap ratio)
Energy cost: 60
Coodldown: 15/13/11/9/7
Range: 700

Your main damage and escape ability, you deal amazing damage with this, q-r-q –w will probably can kill a squishy target, and in a team fight, the reset can let you deal tons of damage if you have the right timing.

R: Light speed Blast
Jarethgoesuntargatable for .75 seconds and trhows 4 knives in a circle, then deals damage to everyone in the area and lands in the center.

Damage:100/250/400 magic damage (1:1 ap ratio)
Energy: 30
CD:60/45/30 seconds.

This ult also presents you a choice, you can use it at the beginning of a team fight to deal damage and spread your knives around, or you could save it and time it to save you with the invulnerability, really good players will learn to time it and avoid all kind of damage and pop projectiles.


When being pick:
Can you handle my speed?

When moving:
“Faster, Faster”.
“lightspeed ahead”
“too fast for you to see”
“try to catch me now” (when his passive is active)

When attacking:
“They won’t even know what hit em”
“In and out before they know it”
“I hit fast”
“you can’t run from me”
If he survives cait ult with little hp:
“That barely scratched”
If he kills cait:
“who says crime never pays?”

Well that’s it, all feedback is appreciated, im still working on the values, but the defenses and the health is low to compensate for his mobility.

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An Energy Champ User in Piltover? NOT ON MY WATCH!

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but..but..energy is fun D:

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we really need one