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How would you like the Twised Treeline maps handled??

Keep the new TT as canon 3v3 map so player-base can be large and intact 11 27.5%
Bring the old TT back as canon. It's ok even if the player-base becomes much smaller in these two 17 42.5%
Bring the old TT back as a custom map (not in PvP Quickmatch or Co-op vs. A.I.) 12 30%
Voters 40 .

New TT is awesome. Keep it CANON? Bring back the old TT?

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Senior Member


I just started LoL so not sure what your talking about. What is so special and "broken" about the first 3v3 map??

Anyways, its fine how it is now, 3v3 is a fun and different game mode that is successful. No need to change it or bring back old maps...

Isn't that a bit contradictory. From what you said you never played on the old map but from what your 2nd statement said you act like you have.

Please don't make comments on how they should or shouldn't bring back something old that you never played.Its only common sense what I am trying to say.