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Into the mist(Game)

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A cold winter breeze, crumbling underneath the once luminescent city now dazed and lugubrious. The public walking with a hobble into the mist, surrounding the ever forgotten city. The blood of the people is freezing in the cold winter breeze.
The snarl of the public in the woods, sounding perplexed. The dazed citizens let our cries of fear. Their eyes turn red as the night falls. A girl in the distance being yanked ferociously in the woods – pleading for her life. Looking up, there is the girl being held over a tree limb… Claws, red eyes, long bushy hair and fangs.

In the town center, children watch from inside their homes. The kids look content with what is going on, as a massive beast tears the people to shreds.

Dawn is starting to wake and as it does the city glows with life… Farmers picking berries, roosters yelp at the new sun, children playing tag as the parents sit in the hay reminiscing about life. “What happened last night? I know this wasn’t a dream. At least, I don’t, think it was.”

How to Sign up:
  1. Pick a Race
  2. Assign your 15 stat points (Not luck or Karma)

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Human: Humans are a common race in the lands of "Heavenly Ocea Realm". They are well respected among others of their race. They do not favor outsiders and favor a sacrificial ritual to get rid of the mist.

Halflings: Halflings are uncommon in this realm and come from "The Laboring Empire". Halflings live there lives day by day trying to aid the people around them but, tend to fail because they are outcasts in this realm. They are famous for there great building and magic abilities.

Satyrs: Satyrs prefer the murky grasslands and swampy forests of the "True Gates Realm". Satyrs are excellent warriors and thrive off of battle. Satyrs are well known for there quick hands and speed.

Nymphs: Nymphs are very smart and have the ability to talk there way out of many situations. Nymphs got there wits from the "True Marble State" near the mountains. Nymphs are not very skilled in combat but, are quick thinkers for most any situations.

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When you first start the game you have 15 stat points to spend on the following skills:

Strength - Strength determines the amount of physical damage you do on enemies and how much weight you can carry.

Intellect - Intellect determines how well an idea you have will be successful among yourself and the people. (Personality is a large factor in your ideas with other people)

Agility - Agility determines the distance you can travel at one time and your speed in combat.

Stamina - Stamina determines how long you can do an activity before you run out of energy.

Perception - Perception determines how well you know your surrounding, the ability to spot dropped or hidden items and how far into the distance you can see.

Personality - Personality determines how well you get along with different people and races in the game.


Non-place able skills:

Luck - Luck can be earned by equipping certain gear, weapons, or using a potion to help increase luck. With higher luck you have a better chance to survive, stumble across rare items and get out of bad situations with ease. High perception or intellect can help you out in this way also.

Karma - Karma can be earned and loss depending on the actions made throughout each turn. Higher karma will help increase your personality and make you more likable but, there are some merchants that prefer the path of evil over honor.


What is alchemy? Alchemy is the creation of potions and medical supplies from the combination of different ingredients.

Where can I do alchemy? There are two places where you can do alchemy.

You can do practise your alchemy skill where you stand on the ground or at a alchemy table. Practising alchemy where you stand has a low probability of being succesfull. It is reccomened you find a alchemy table and practise there where there is a higher but, still iffy chance of it working.

What is the max alchemy level? In "Into the mist" all skills have a max level of 25.

What are kind of items potions / medical supplies can I make?
  • Elixer of crystal life - A low leveled healing potion that increases your health +5. It is created from x2 fairy bane and a Snowy Waterleaf

  • Tonic of Force - A low leveled strength potion that gives +2 strength for 1 turn. It is created from x2 Bone dust and enchanted bamboo

  • Vile of Elven History - A low leveled intellect potion that increases your intellect for 2 turns. It is created from 1x holy water and Enchanted bamboo

  • Blue Tonic of Sanity Circles - A high level health potion that can heal you +25 health. It is created from 3x Fairy wings, bone dust and avile of holy water

  • Illuminating Pearl - A potion that heals you of all damage and affects. It is created from x1 Pearl and x1 Holy Water

  • Royal Dragons' Elixer - A potion that gives +1 perma stat to each skill. It is created from x1 chill tree leaf, Glowing Spider egg and x2 viles of holy water

What is Enchanting? Enchanting is the ability to make your weapons and armor more powerful with new benefits.

How do I begin Enchanting? To begin enchanting you will first need the supplies but, there is only one place where you can actually enchant. This is at Enchanting tables located in large cities.

What is the max enchanting level? The max level for anything in "Into the mist" is 25.

What enchantments are there?
  • ________ of dominant protection - increases armor +10, Armor piece + Enchanted Bamboo

  • _________ of superior strength - Increases strength +10, Weapon + x1 Holy Water

  • _________ of Perspicacity - Increases perception +10, head piece + x2 Fairy Wings

  • _________ of Nature - Increases every stat +1, ring + x1 Chill Tree Leaf

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Weather has a great affect on what is happening in the realms. If it is:

Sunny - The people and citizens are calm and not willing to hurt you but, if you harm them they will hold that grudge.

Overcast - There is danger starting to lurk but, no need to alarm yourself yet.

Misty - Danger is all around you and it is not safe for you to be outside... People change in the mist.

Rainy - Not a serious threat but, being out in the rain to long without a fire can cause hypothermia.

Heavy Winds - Strong bursts of wind knock loose gear away and put out fires quickly.

Snow - Peaceful snow fall in the world. White sparkles around you. It is a deadly terrain to be in without the proper equipment. This can cause frostbite.

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A list of every item in the game at the moment. It is broken down into 5 sections: Armor, Weapons, Ingredients, Food, Beverages, Misc.

  • Priest’s Leather Armor, +2 armor
  • Pants of dire slime , +1 armor
  • Helm of Deflect, +3 armor
  • Strong Shoes, +2 armor
  • Earrings of Lineage, +1 intellect
  • Pendant of the Spirit Field, +2 perception

  • Doom bow (Bow), +2 Archery
  • Kingly Crossbow (Bow), +4 Archery
  • Machete (Sword), +1 Str
  • Water Shot (Bow), +1 Archery
  • Wing Shocker (Bow), +3 Archery
  • Fairy Axe (Axe), +2 Strength
  • Metal Shocker (Sword), +2 Strength
  • Rain Holder (Wand), +1 Magic

  • Bone Dust
  • Chill Tree Leaf
  • Enchanted Bamboo
  • Fairy Bane
  • Fairy Wings
  • Glowing Spider Egg
  • Holy Water
  • Jeurgo berry
  • Snowy Waterleaf
  • Vile of Holy Water

  • Bread, +2 Health
  • Mushroom, +1 Health
  • Raw Meat, +3 Health
  • Cooked meat, +5 health
  • Jeurgo berry, +1 Health

  • Water, +1 Health
  • Ale, +2 Health

  • Flint
  • Kindling
  • Vile

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There are many enemies spread out threw the Realms of the game. It is not very often that you will encounter a battle with an enemy. So you can request to search. Searching will result in battles fit for your level and gear. Each battle you will earn a certain amount of XP, gold and a Item.

  • Spirit Fly - A mystical pixy like monster. The Spirit Fly has the ability to cure itself, stun enemies and fly at mythical speeds.

  • Vale Bird - A hawk type monster. It can see its prey from over 10 miles away. It has a sharp beak allowing deep penetration into its prey. It is wise to stay away from these.

  • Chill Tree - A frozen type monster. It cannot move but, they are very difficult to detect. By touching one of these you are automatically prone to Frostbite and need to start a fire within 3 turns or you may die.

  • Ghoul - A soulless monster that appears only during the night and in the forest. It is said they are harmless but, can cause people to hallucinate.

  • Golden Stinger - A deadly fish found in rivers that has a needle nose stinger than can cause wooziness and death if stung.

  • Dustspike - A cluster of brown dirt and mud with sharp needle like objects sticking out of its body. Be careful to not get hit by one of these needles, they cause your blood flow to slow down and send you into a panic attack.

  • Glowing Spider - A large venomous spider that sprays toxic gases at you. Knocking you unconscious if you are hit.

  • Sea triton - A mermaid like creature with a large trident that can be thrown at high rates speed piercing the enemy.

  • Marrowshade - A dark shade that dislikes the light and is difficult to see without light. Marrowshades can morph shapes making them difficult to harm.

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Name -

Level: 1
Experience: 0/100
Health: 10/10
Karma: 0

  • 0 Agility
  • 0 Strength
  • 0 Perception
  • 0 Intellect
  • 0 Stamina
  • 0 Personality


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  • Heavenly Ocea Realm (http://i.imgur.com/YG8zl.png)
  • Heavenly Ocea Realm City (http://i.imgur.com/zVE71.png)
  • True Marble State (http://i.imgur.com/pAqrm.png)

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To sign up post your race and 15 stat points