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Ranked Games

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Just want to get the opinion of the community on this.

First of all, I have over a thousand games played and about a 50% win rate in normal draft games (500+ wins). I main ADC, and also play support and jungle. I would play ranked more often but I don't like how hard it is to get above 1500. So many people are bad at this game and it is hard to get a team where everyone is competent until 1500 higher. I don't even care about elo that much since it doesn't actually show how good you are individually, rather how good you are with a team of 4 other randoms. I just want to play it since it's supposed to be more competitive. But until I get to a higher elo, its frustrating when people take/play unorthodox champs or summoner spells. In normal games it would be different. But ranked is supposed to be competitive and it would be nice if people only played competitive champs, took the standard summoner spells, and actually know how to build their champ correctly.

So since ranked is supposed to be competitive, what do you guys think about people playing anything less than the competitive champs, and the meta etc...? I understand that people have bad games and might not always win their lane due to various reasons. But you can lose lane without feeding and come back during the mid and late game.