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[E-Sports]How to Prevent Cheating in Venue Events

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Hey guys, I've got an idea.

With recent events of several different teams finding ways to cheat during large events, whether it be looking up at the audience monitor, ghosting, or checking the stream yourself, League is starting to show some negative sides to it. So, I'd like to make a few possible suggestions to Riot to help them out with preventing things like this and to help teams be a bit more honorable.

Firstly, why not put a ceiling of some kind above the team tables? Either hang a fixture above them, or build one onto the stage. Then, you could put nifty LCD screens on them and display stats over the teams for the crowd. It'll prevent cheating AND engage the audience, as they'll be able to identify players and teams more easily. I know you have the monitors in front of the tables for team names, so you could put player names, champion being played by them, all sorts of nifty and engaging things. This type of interaction with the audience will in turn lead to better understanding among people who might not have been following the games from day one.

And lastly, to prevent ghosting. Why not set up 10 extra computers in the back of the stage and do some sort of screen sharing. This could be accomplished any number of ways that can prevent lag, such as simply extending each player's screen image out to an auxiliary monitor. Something like that would be a great way to catch people using outside sources to view or otherwise gather important game information. And I can almost guarantee you'll be able to find 10 volunteers from the audience who would be willing to watch a player's screen.

So there you have it, two very simple ideas that may improve the competitive scene for League of Legends. Let me know what you think, I suppose.