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Runic bulwark too op, 3 person got it on enemy team gg

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Its a very simple thing to do.. go to your character stats when your dead.. look at your MR when you have aegis.. look at your MR when your alive. It has increased by the aura given amount. If a teammate also has a Bulwarks.. you'll receive the actual aura buff and gain another bonus from that Buff. If you move away from set teammate you will loose their version of the buff but continue to keep your own. U can also see this on Mana Manipulator, and Will of the Ancients. However to note.. your teamates will only recieve one version of the buff if they have not built the item.. and nobody can benefit from more then one of the same aura..

So you are an adc and your top and your support have both built Bulwark.. you only recieve the aura from one of them. Ur a mid and you have built Will of the Ancients.. and your top or jungle also built will of the ancients.. You will recieve 40% spell vamp while next to teamates while the rest of your team will still only recieve the 20%.