Just some thoughts on what Riot could do to make the game better.

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1. Dodging. I understand why you put a timer to limit dodgers, but there are some times where you have to dodge.

AFK picks should be ejected from game and automatically given the timer, and the random button should be removed entirely as it only encourages trolling. Anyone who actually plays a random character is not communicating with their team or exhibiting any form of teamwork by making zero attempt at team synergy.

Lock-in function should be disabled for blind pick. This will allow a flexible player to fill, when there are inflexible people or simply trolls. There have been times in unranked games where I state I'm playing a certain role, ask if anyone would rather play the role, get no response, lock in and then bam, another idiot takes the same role and we have two of the same role. I know that you could simply not lock in but, I mean its blind pick . . . it serves no purpose anyways.

For ranked, there should be a daily or weekly allowance of dodges. Also, there should be a "troll pick" system implemented. If a summoner is non-compliant during champion selection he should be downvoted. If a person gets a certain number of downvotes,, from then on, other players have the right to force him to dodge if he they feel he is trollpicking.

It is really unjust that someone who offers to play any role has to dodge because three people all picked ADCs.

2. D/C's
Althought I'm not sure there is an entire solution to this problem, I think games that start off with a D/C should just be cancelled and treated like someone left the queue. There should be a system implemented where if there is a person gone before minion spawn the game should be over. Before minion spawn, nothing has been determined and it is the same as if someone dodged during champion selection.

3. Rent a champion.
a 6300 IP champion takes around 60-70 games to earn. And if you dont like that champion after you buy it, you're pretty much screwed.
I think Riot should allow each person to rent one champion. The person would be able to rent a different champion each week, but only one could be rented at a time. This would allow players to try champions they want to try and encourage more gameplay diversity. I feel like this is a better solution than the free champion rotation.

// I'll update when I have more to say.