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How do teams get into the world championship?

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I'm just curious the route teams take to get to this championship, and how newer team, even unheard of teams, can get into it. Are there qualifiers? Can anyone team enter them or do you have to qualify for those?

This is merely a question by the way. I don't want this to be taken as a pathetic attempt to try and get into a tournament. I am genuinely curious.

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Baxter the Teddy

Senior Member


...You mean the qualifiers going on TODAY.

Top 32 in 5v5 Ranked play in an online tounrment

Top 8?(I belive) play in the live qualifiers for the last 5 spots. 3 teams are already in.

So, be top 32 then top 8? and you can THEN play in the weekly matches for Worlds