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I used to be a good Adc then I jungled

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I would say the new champ Thresh, if you went ADC on him, might also fit your style. He manages it decently enough, and is much tankier at the role than most ADCs. Note that he does not scale as hard as a champ designed as ADC, but he does have stronger early game. Makes a massive kill lane bot when paired with a kill lane support/bruiser. He can actually live if he all-ins, based on what I have managed on the PBE with him. Hell, he is a very strong pick for bot lane as is in his current form.

His Q gives him bonus damage based on AD (check for ADC), with an active blitz grab style that acts like a pesudo escape as well (jump to jungle minions over walls). His W acts like a mini-ward for a few seconds if thrown into a bush, or you can instead opt to use it to collect souls at range if you would rather not get close to the minions. If you dive a tower, it can be used so that the jungler can instantly pull out from under the tower. His E is a nice push back, honestly has stopped a lot more dash style skills than it seems it should for such a short knock back/pull. His R pretty much makes it so that he can somewhat safely sit in the back, as it is pretty dangerous for anyone to try and get through those walls without being slowed to death, as he falls backs and kites them with the 99% slow active on them. Sort of a utility ADC, like Ashe, who instead is stronger early game than her, although falls off later (for an ADC, at least. Still is very strong, just not as strong as another ADC in a full all out late game battle).

-God like kill lane potential.
-Much higher defensive stats than most ADCs if able to collect souls.
-Safer than his kit would make you think.
-High utility kit. All of his skills can be used for multiple purposes.

-Less late game than most ADCs.
-Lack of reliable escapes, dependant on slows/pushbacks, or being able to hook to a jungle monster.
-Lower range than most ADCs.
-If denied souls, is UNHOLY squishy due to no armor per level scaling to balance out how much armor his passive scaling can give.

I'll check him out when he comes out. Ty for the info