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Need help to choose my path

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Lil Cuddles

Senior Member


Learning every role is crucial... even if you can't play it to save your life at least know how to play it and what is supposed to be happening. Once you've done this then focus on a lane that you feel most comfortable with and I'd do this by figuring out which champion you are most comfortable with... (most champions are only good for 1 or 2 lanes where 1 of those 2 usually dominates in the most common place to see them). Once you do this you will start to get better at that lane and learn what champions you will be facing and how to handle each... once you are very comfortable in this lane go on to another and get comfortable with it. For people like me you may never get that good at something (ADC in my case) but at least you will know the role, what you will be up against and how you can help that person when you aren't playing them.

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I once played MF, and I stuck with MF. Then I found Ashe and stuck with Ashe. Then I did Cait because of her ulti.

Then I discovered Soraka and played her forever until I discovered Sona and never played Soraka again.

And then I found midlane champions, and autoattack champions start to get dull. I played/main Akali for the longest time ever, then found Teemo/Nid/Ahri to be just as amusing to take breaks from Aka with.

Point is, aside learning about as many roles/champions as possible so you can read your opponent team better, you never really know what kind of main you enjoy until you try them all ;P I for one is happy to play non attack champions because I'm more inclined to want to spam skill.

Enjoyment doesn't guarantee success, but it increases success and more importantly negates whatever flame/discouragement you get.