Looking for a team or players to play with.

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This is my first season of League, I've been playing for a little over 3-4 months and I'm currently 1565 elo(only played about 30 games so far). I'm looking for a team or a group of players around the same elo, I mainly play top: favorite champs are Jayce, Singed, Irelia, and currently learning all the other champions as well, trying to suck in as much information as possible about the other roles.

Some competitive background:
I was CAL-P in CS 1.6, with team Satisfy, shortly after that in 2005-08 I started playing SC:BW and achieved B+ on ICCup and later joined LRM), then I switched to sc2 in the beginning of 2011 and got to high masters in 2 weeks. I also played a lot of dota 1 back in the day, and when I heard about league coming out I was really excited and eventually I got invited to play in the closed beta. I played it for a few days and thought the game was horrible(I still have the king rammus skin lol) but now I think league is great and the diversity within the champions is what attracts me over dota 2 competition.

Looking for any team that needs a solid TOP laner to practice with.
contact skype: lokim45 or add my IGN: HYOSUNGS