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communication went outa style i guess

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lately been getting into teams that dont communicate. i dont know if its cause they dont speak english or they just dont care or what but its irritating me.

also why do people who dont speak english but speak some european name go on american servers. ive had people who spoke dutch or german and nothing else(i can tell cause of high school classes.....) and like why are they there. not trying to be mean but go where you can be understood.

someone told me pings take care of it all. im sorry but it doesnt.

post on this topic if you care.

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Garruks Champion

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Well, maybe the problem is you, I havnt had a problem communicating with my team ever, but I am one of those players that is pinging targets, telling people to fall back right before I go out, calling mia's and pinging incoming ganks whenever possible.

Also, why should you need to speak english to play well? all you need really is pings and the occasional "MIA" or "SS"

And the last point, NA is everything north of SA, so you have a full roster of languages, from canada (french/english), the US (english/spanish/"leet speak&quot mexico (spanish and some pourtugese depending on dialect), as well as people from the netherlands for whom is is actually closer to connect to NA then EU (the diffrence between eastern US and central EU puts greenland in the NA server)

And in the long run, you are expected as a player to know whats going on during your games, this includes having map awareness, warding, communicating MIA's (although with half decent map awearness you know you can just look at the lane or the tab button or the M button to bring up mia's for you) and knowing who to focus in team fights.

Edit: for the record this isnt a QQ forum, or rage about your last game forum, if you want that general discussion is that way ------>