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Game Client Issue (apologies if this is a repeat)

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Voodoo Jelly

Senior Member


Preface: This happens in borderless windowed mode.

Sometimes when I go from Champion Select into the game, the logo appears as normal, but then the client is in the bottom right corner, unable to be moved, allowing me to see what should be the top left quadrant of the game client, but nothing else.

The jerryrigged fix is getting into the video options in game, dragging the menu to the very top and changing its mode to fullscreen or windowed, and then back.

The problem then is that in order to make those options available, once the menu is moved to that position, it can't be unmoved, and if you accidentally pulled it too high, you can't get the menu back down.

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Senior Wrenchman


Try right clicking your LoL launcher -> Properties -> Compatability -> Make sure "Run as Administrator" is checked.

If that doesn't work, open your task manager, right click on the game client and select maximize