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Been thinking about new maps.

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(Warning, this will require reading focus, theres a lot to read, and a vivid imagination! )

I've spoken with a couple of people regarding this idea and they argued strongly, in the end, still found it a curiously interesting idea. So, I've decided to post this here to see what may become of it. So, ever thought of 1v1? Perhaps going to the other extreme and talking 8v8 or 10v10? I mean, holy ****, right?

Well, first think about the maps and monsters, I believe they would become very important in this type of match. 1v1 would be difficult. Leveling, early game kills/stacks, money. Some good harassing and good ol' fashioned ganking. But 1v1 would be different then other matches. So, you wouldn't want to just try and fend off or try and kill some guy because if your a poor little squishy against a fighter entire game, your probably going to be devoured. So, throw in some new ingame monsters but instead of stationary they would be floating/scouting/patrolling certain areas of the map, maybe the whole map! Of course, these monsters could have shorter buffs to give due to there being a number of others on the map. As well, they'd need to be weaker perhaps grow in level themselves during game too, their buffs increasing as they level, but their difficulty in slaying may be tad bit more each time as well.

The base on this type of map would have to be different as well. The base would have to be set up in a way that it would be a little easier to destroy a turret but still handle defending your own turret when the time came. Even the idea came to me to create like a small pad located somewhere near the front of your base, you could run onto it quickly and for a short time either a barrier would protect your first couple turrets or maybe minions would converge to protect the turrets as top priority for a short time. The pad would be an option to destroy as well.

No, there would be NO LANES! ..... I know... crazy. Well, here's the big idea. So, the map, you've got a map of roughly 3v3 sized, tad smaller if they can fit all the odd designs for it, you've got your base in the very back. Two turrets defending the base up close like 5v5. Two more turrets but in close proximity of each other directly off the front of your base. And then a single, slightly stronger in defensive and maybe even attack power but shorter range, than a regular turret. Hmm...

Imagine, starting out as only player and getting your first item. then, running out towards the front of your base, standing between your two second line of defensive turrets, just a few steps away onto the tippy top front of your base is your pad of security if you need to quickly make a defensive action. Now, must be careful. Once you go into the fog of war, you're vulnerable to attack by both the other player and roaming monsters! You can sneak around carefully, using small bushes here and there, the occasional larger patch of tall grass. There are trees everywhere, your path choices are many and zigzagging forward. Little monsters are about as well, easy pickings if one so chooses. Minions have began spawning and scatter into the jungles/forests, all their paths will soon converge at one point, at your towering turret of strength! You rush from the jungle to stand before it, watching as minions begin to confront the enemy! You go in, attack enemy minions as well watch closely for the enemy that is afoot. (The rest would be up to you, lol)

XD Alright, cheesy, I know, but I had too! I've been thinking about this concept for some time, and I really needed to voice my opinion on this subject. I will not get into the idea of 8v8 or 10v10 just yet until I've gotten some feed-back. That type of match would be a LOT different! But hey, difference can be fun, right?

RIOT, I hope these ideas do not offend you or will not cause me any troubles for such a CRAZY idea.