randuims omen shudders and creeps as it finally gives way

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Accidentally posed this in GD, didn't realize until too late.

The moment lasted for just a few seconds, but afterward nothing would be the same. The Black Cleaver, new and young and strong once again, slices through Randuins omen, cutting it clean in half. fueled by its inborn hatred for everything armored The Black Cleaver continues on its whirling rampage, performing the very actions for which it was named, cleaving through all the little armor items that had been cowering behind Randuins omen. Cloth armor was the first to go, ripped to shreds in seconds. After that came Chain Vest, reduced to a crumpled and disfigured wreak. Glacial shroud didn't hold out for much longer and wardens mail was simply flattened. As they died the onlooking attack damage items cheered at their champion as they closed in for the kill on The Black Cleavers wounded victims.

Just as the black cleaver appeared to be victorious the armor items mounted on last desperate assault. Frozen heart, Guardian Angels, Thornmail, and Runic Bulwark all charged madly at The Black Cleaver. For a time, despite the wounds inflicted on them, the Armor items appeared to have the upper hand, but all of them had sustained small wounds, a dent or a hole in there otherwise impenetrable bulk. Quick as an arrow, for it itself fires them, the last whisper joined the fight, for although it was weakened it was still more precise than any other and with that precision it fired bolt after bolt into the small wounds of the armor items. Within seconds all of the black cleavers opponents lay lifeless on the ground, until one challenger rose to face the black cleaver in single combat.

Warmogs armor began its slow advance at the cleaver, absorbing blows which would otherwise be crippling to any other armor and using its own body to strike at the cleavers handle. They are still locked in battle to this very day, perpetuating an eternal combat which only the gods can end.

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pretty damn good for being about items XD

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Haha, funny. xD

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Huh. That was actually funny.