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God of Prime

Senior Member


To many people fighting over roles... Past two games I had to dodge, because of people fussing over the roles... I am on a hour ban and I was not taking a lose, please invent a kick button in lobby. Maybe even a chance to cancel the game if everyone agrees. This is damn well annoying, I want to play to win, and not play with people who cannot even get along in champion select..

1st game-there was 3 people fighting over mid and top, I prefered top first but they would not let me, I said with me being last I can counter pick, well first pick auto locked top, then 2nd person auto lock mid, then I change and go to adc, but then the other guy insta locks top and everyone is saying "oh im going troll troll"

Next Game- We have people fighting for mid, 2 people insta locks mid, we have someone that returns late and gets an automatic random. we have 2 junglers, and 2 mids. This is getting ultimately on my last nerves to even touch ranked. FFS can people just make arrangements, I am tired of paying the penalty for other peoples stupidity.

There has to be something done in champion select, people are rude,and do not care to who people actually do care and want a win.

Riot is there something you can do to fix this? There has to be, please consider this.