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New Maps?

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So I was surfing Videos with the power of YouTube, when I came across an MMO Hut clip stating LoL "Is making new maps" is that true?

I was just wondering because yea it would be a good thing but I wouldn't want a whole bunch of new maps mainly because the wide spread of finding a game, and picky players.

Maybe one new map or two, but anything more I think would be over done...

No I'm pretty sure one more map would be good, not looking for too many...

(Some stuff to check out while we wait for the server to come back up.)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KtKDOhHtrQM - I suggest watching this for newbie players listen to what they say.

(This clip is where MMO Hut says there are new maps in the making.)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IUtEz_X_ack&feature=related - Also suggested if you watch newbie players to preview if you wanna play.

My Opinion this game is awesome there isn't alot of Dota games, Heros Newerth is awesome but its pay to play, Loco is a good one its low on hero choice, and its graphics are pretty good, Heros of Avalon is umm Not so good, I don't like its graphics and if someone were to leave the game would end witch I understand but still.

Anyway I got off subject.

Give LoL a try if you haven't tried Dota wont be sorry.