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Resolution change as of 1/09/2013

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So this is my first time posting on the forums but i just sort of had general wondering.

Two days ago, as of this posting, I logged on to play a few games and noticed that my screen resolution had either been set to default or just lowered to the minimum in general.

I guess it isn't a big problem in the long run, although I had to spend a few min trying to get to a view state that didn't my me feel sick looking at it. Still can't find the old resolution but didn't know if this was with part of the client since I know other games such as WoW and SWTOR sometimes have the graphic setting set to default with updates

I have an Nvida GeForce graphics card (sorry I don't have the model number on hand)

Running version 306.97 if that offers any insight

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it sounds like an automatic update took place. i would disable automatic updates for your nvidia drivers as sometimes a newer driver can cause this resolution change.