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Queue for Leaver's Positions

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Junior Member


The suggestion would be having a queue for games which have had a person leave, give the person a 30 second to 3 or 4 minute window to reconnect based on how long the game has been going on, shorter for earlier in the game to minimize actual disruption of the early game.
Motivation could possibly be done in the form of increased IP on completion of the game.
This would, hopefully, lead to less 4v5 game situations which no one wants to have. Or in lieu of the longer after 2 minutes give the option of /replace which starts a similar vote to surrender, with a similar length cooldown. Thoughts?

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Kevin Zealon

Senior Member


This is a really good idea, I think Riot could hammer out the more intimate details on this and make it work. Would allow people to actually be replaced and by someone who is willing to replace them and come into a game behind (possibly).

It would be nice if there was a list of the possible champs to replace currently, since if you just queued for it and got in... you may not have the rune page/masteries for that specific champ. So maybe you could see a sample of the games with leavers (5-10 games) and the system allow you to pick which one you want to go into.

Overall, fantastic idea.