Can anyone help me out?

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Currently, I found myself getting out of a much worse place of skill if you want to call it (I know people don't like the term ELO hell), from about 600 ELO to about 1000 . If you don't think that ELO hell exists, then ignore that title for it. The teams I have been getting aren't really close to my skill level, especially when they verbally abuse people, threaten to AFK, actually do AFK, or simply don't listen. I find myself more professional and able to make higher-knowledged plays.

I plunged another 200 ELO this past week since I started doing solo queues. It was really easy when my friend and I could carry the team so we got about 400 ELO in a week. He left now and sadly, if I don't get another duo partner or team, I'm not getting any rewards this season.

I decided to start using the forums now. If anyone has some advice, please feel free to post here. I would really like a team to get a banner or to maybe duo with. Not sure what to do. I think I'm pretty good though because I have almost about a 2.3 ranked KDA. Then again, maybe I'm a noob. Hope to hear from all of you!