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Looking for some help

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Hi, I've been playing League since about June of 2012. I've progressively gotten better and better, however when I finally think I'm ready to play a champ or role in ranked, I completely screw up or my team is horrible. I was just wondering if there was anyone out there who could maybe give me some tips? I've been stuck at around 1k elo for a month now with no signs of improvement...

Main roles:
mid, support

Sorry if this wasn't the right place to post this.

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As a solo lane, try to shut down your opponent, and deny him farm by zoning or killing him.
If you do manage to kill him, make sure to carry pots, maybe a pink and gank the side lanes.

Ward one side, minimum.
Or both, and their wraiths and blue.

As support, you want to make it easy for your ADC to farm. Harass with autoattacks early on.
Additionally, buy the Gold gp10's armor marks, and Gp10 quints.
9/9/12 is probably the best setup for an AP support, like zyra, lux, anyone who turns into a semi carry later on.

Make sure you have 3-4 rune pages, and own all champions to 4800.
You want to be familiar with all champions and how they work, their spells, when they're weak,
Play them all once or twice in normals.

Make sure you're last hitting is godly. 100 is max cs at 10 minutes.
It'll give you an advantage when you are evenly matched in skill and cannot outplay him.

Any other questions, feel free to ask.
Buy wards, save lives, win games.