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APC 2.2K looking serious 5s

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EC Thor



Wasup motha ****er ... no im kidding. Im here because im looking for a serious 5s team to play competitive tournament and ranked. i speak french and english. i live near montreal . why am im saying this ? well... im playing mid , bruiser and ap . I have to say that i dont play anymore on my 2.2k elo ... ( forgot the ****ing id to connect in and the email wasn't mine when i registred cause i was like hum pretty sure i wont play this alot ) but im playing this alot. So right now this account is 1.2k elo ( i dont play ranked anymore ) too much troll im waiting on Riot to do something new for solo queue if they do... but im looking for a serious team has a mid player. If you want more information

iLegalQuar ( ING ) add me
Sorry about the thread i had to left , im in game