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Dooms Day Gaming competitive tournament scene FOR serious teams

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Two day left to Sign up for our Battle Bash Weekend tournaments for Jan 12th & 13th.

This is a circuit that you definitely want to be apart of. If you not on the Pro Circuit
then you need to be on this one. Our tournaments are going to start getting
crazy better in February. There may be a entry fee to these tournaments, but its
worth it. So if your serious about competing this is where you want to be.

We will be redoing our February tournament structure so stay tuned for that update.
can visit our new site at http://www.ddglive.com

These tournaments will be a $15.00 entry fee. Prize payout of 85%. the other 15% will be put in our Summer Battle Bash Championship prize pool.

These tournaments will be 8 slot tournaments for the serious teams.
all rounds will best of 3, single elmination. finals will be best of 5

1st: $75 + 7 Battle Bash Points
2nd: $30 + 5 Battle Bash Points
3rd & 4th: 3 Battle Bash Points

stay tuned for the announcement. all tournaments will be streamed live and shout cast!!!

A later January announcement will be our Summer Battle Bash Championship Qualifier's
If you win one of these tournaments your team will automatically qualify for this event regardless of Battle Bash Points, once you qualify through one of these tournaments your team can no longer play in a Qualifier but can still play in our other tournaments. All of these Qualifier will be a cash entry and all money will be put into the Summer Battle Bash Championship Prize pool. The Prize pool will be on the website to show the increase and what the teams will be playing for. Tournaments that support this will be all tournaments held Feb 2nd - June 23rd.

Goodluck & Good gaming

"solo top 4 life"


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get those battle bash points. see us live this saturday.