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Champion meta data

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Tiara Azmalan

Junior Member


Sorry if this is in the wrong place? There isn't a feedback forum for the website or (surprisingly) a "general feedback" or "ideas and suggestions" forum.

What I'd really like to see is champion meta data made available. I'd really like to see this in-game, so I can see it when I'm browsing champions to potentially buy, but that might be a large undertaking and require a major client overhaul. I'll settle for access on the website.

The problem is right now the only way to get this information is from fansites and wikis. Which isn't bad, but there's always a question in the back of my mind as to how recently the information was updated and whether or not it's accurate in the first place. Especially for some of the less popular champions that I play (like Poppy.)

And when I'm browsing champions, maybe seeing who's free this week, considering trying something new, I look at the skills and it tells me that "more ranks increase damage." Well...yeah that's cool. How much damage does it do? How much do additional ranks add? Does it scale with ad or ap? .8? .4? .2? Maybe I'm looking at Zyra, Lux, and Morgana; whose AOE does more damage? Whose scales better? I know they all have other properties besides, but it's information I'd like to know, and I don't want to have to go to a 3rd party website for it just to wonder if it's accurate or not.

Again, I think specific stat growth and ability scaling data should be made available for the champions, both in-game and on the website. I'd really like to be able to look at this information combined with the champion sorting and filtering options already provided. I really like that you guys now provide a really nice item app on the website! Let's see something like that for champions? Thanks for your consideration!